This Herbarium is a different kind of collection, one that instead of pressed plant matter maintains movement and forms that take place between two catastrophes, between two natural or other disasters. Herbarium emerged from a curiosity about ecology as the "science of planetary habitat maintenance" and from the idea of excess in dance as waste material, whereby this surplus becomes understood as a source of information and an archive of the processes recycled through dance.

Herbarium employs a searching gaze that looks around instead of progressively forward, it focuses attention on what is already there, remains with the damage we already inhabit. This gaze is a cut in relation to the idea of expansion and progress, and is rather interested in horizontal processes of work, in ways in which they are aligned with other elements of their environment, instead of means that place the human body in a hierarchically superior position. We explored movement outside our bodies, in the abundance of things where our bodies are just some among the many: amongst the organisms that arise after the catastrophe, the drying and rotting plants, the sedimented and melding lichens, the trees that can not get up and leave.

The choreography of Herbarium activates principles of deficiency, lack, unproductiveness and downshift in its relation to human and other non-human bodies. Herbarium evokes a shelter that recognizes the idea of slow violence by investigating visibility regimes that break the relationship with spectacular depictions of environmental destruction. Instead, it articulates a curiosity for the kind of parasitism that affirms taking up residence of destroyed space, that waits.

Herbarium is interested in the interdependence of different forms of life and environment, it contemplates a snail as it falls asleep and dreams of being a mushroom.

Project was realised with the support of Croatian Ministry of Culture and Media and co-produced by Drugo More.

It premiered in ex-swimming pool Diana (Zagreb) and then in Museum of Modern Art (Rijeka).

Antonia Dorbić, Nina Gojić, Marta Krešić, Danijela Renić, Lana Šprajcer

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