Instead of the body that we usually understand as complete - they begin and end in themselves, recognize themselves in the difference between themselves and others, or themselves and the environment - Wider than the body suggests a departure from fantasies about individual wholeness and self-sufficiency and suggests understanding the body / individuality as fundamentally incomplete / relational - which are from other bodies, movements, things and life forms, and become and are revealed only in the extension and negotiation with the environment of which they are a part. Like fungi, which occur in devastated areas after human exploitation, they do not make a distinction between productive and unproductive logics, as they arise from natural drying and rotting processes as well as coalescence and becoming wider. In Wider than the body things fall with and opposite to gravity, time does not distinguish the past from the future, and the only thing that is complete is when we are in between.

We offer a view that does not differentiate between the body and the environment, but opens it to the eye, draws it in and transmits it through differences, with the aim of realizing an awareness of togetherness that transcends space-time, transcends plans of (in) visibility and places us present and real - only if we take into account.

Wider than the body is a collective authorship project, based on dance and choreographic thinking, and realized multimedialy - as a result of negotiating and experimenting with new conditions and possibilities of the author's collective divided at Zagreb, Šibenik, Edinburgh and Melbourne - in a year marked by a global pandemic.

Author team:

Antonia Dorbić, Marta Krešić, Danijela Renić and Lana Šprajcer in collaboration with Tara Ivanišević and Adam Lončar.

Project was realised with the support of Croatian Ministry of Culture and Media and co-produced by WHW - Gallery Miroslav Kraljević where it took place.

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