World of kisses not stones


We are the products of a long selection process of chemical, biological, and cultural structures that at different levels have interacted for a long time in order to shape the funny process that we are. About which we understand very little, by reflecting on ourselves, by looking at ourselves in the mirror.

The Order of Time, Carlo Rovelli (2019)

Choreography unfolds on the cloud underneath the soil and speculates about time that does not pass, but is omnipresent, contained in the world of things. The world on the cloud underneath the soil is always in a gentle, restrained, continuous motion. Time is without the unity and/or direction; affirms the multiplicity and diversity of temporalities – of stones, humans, worms and microbes – which, by repeating, renewing, rebuilding on the network in continuous motion, create temporary images and events –

on the cloud underneath the soil,

things are rounder and softer


in the surfaces of things are

blurry, always continuing and permeating


multiplicity of perspectives does not diminish the distance but only distributes it

extending continuing imagining

a constant and mutual establishment and annulment of the world through


By each pairing with the choreography settings, dancers are renewing and expanding their knowledge and understanding of the potential situations and events on the cloud underneath the soil.

The difference between things and events is that things persist in time; events have a limited duration. A stone is a prototypical 'thing': we can ask ourselves where it will be tomorrow. Conversely, a kiss is an 'event', It makes no sense to ask where the kiss will be tomorrow. The world is made of kisses, not of stones. On closer inspection, in fact, event the things that are most 'thing-like' are nothing more than long events.
The Order of Time, Carlo Rovelli (2019)


Antonia Dorbić, Marta Krešić, Danijela Renić, Lana Šprajcer

The piece premiered on 12th of June 2021 in and Culture centre KNAP and was co-financed by the Croatian Ministry of Culture and Media.

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